The enlightened


March 2, 2012 - A date with my baby, Krizia, at Pasta Plate in Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila x her favourite, since she cannot eat anything with meat because she’s allergic to any kind of meat except for fish (yes, she’s a pescetarian), Tuna Carbonara.

I missed these times! Right now, we’re busy with our Senior Research Paper + our schedules wouldn’t allow us to spend more time together, since my dismissal’s 2 periods earlier than hers. She’s the best-est friend ever for I can talk almost anything with her, especially boys. OMG! We love picking up on boys so much! PLUS, she’s a bad ass driver! I love it when she gets rude when she’s driving. She’s just too wonderful and all.

I love this girl so much! :-)

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