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Jul 6

Travel: Why? How? How Far? When? Where?

I want to travel to a lot of places and meet a lot of people from different background and with different entities. Traveling, as I consider it now, gives me this particular vibe of happiness that no one and nothing can ever give me. I ask myself, "Why travel?" I do not know, too, but how far should we travel?

I once heard this phrase from a travel show in National Geographic Channel and it says:

"When we go different places, we should not just be tourists but we should be travelers."

I forgot the title of the show but those words meant a lot to me. At first, I was in mere confusion of the difference/s between the two words that the host used but it rang a bell to me when he explained it clearly. He continued by saying that to be a tourist is to merely experience the 'good' (or ‘positive,’ as what he used in explaining) things in the place where we’re heading/we headed to and to be a traveler is to experience the life in there and at the same time, understand the situation and where the people are coming from. To some, this might sound as something noble but I tell you, when you get to a good glimpse of the life and the social reality in a particular place, the wisdom is more rewarding than ever.

To be honest with you all, the main reason behind why I accepted the youth exchange program at Bangkok last March 2013 was to travel (well, aside from the fact that I was and I really am curious on what Thailand looks like in person and what really ASEAN is all about.) Not only that I was able to experience what is it like to be in Bangkok and met a lot of people from there, but also I was able to get a good grasp of what is it like to be with Bangkok — from Pat Pong, night markets, traffic on the road at 1 AM, to their bigger issues in their society, I was able to experience it.

My inspiration was this article. The title says "3 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young." I guess I would not have to explain what the article is all about but the very one thing that I have developed after reading it was my love for travelling and my love for exploring. I believe that to explore is to experience something new; something unusual to us and to our routines.

To end this, I will leave you an insight to ponder upon + a poem from Edna St. Vincent Millay entitled “Travel.”

What, I think, triggers our love for travelling and/or exploring is something innate to us. It was taught to me by a Chinese movie (Speed Pioneer) which I watched on Screen RED, a movie channel featuring Asian films, and one of the character asked, "Why do the young people leave our village?" The other one, a lady, said, "It is because human hearts can never be satisfied." True, indeed, that many of us are not easily satisfied with what we have in life and we keep searching, asking for more. Is it bad? No, as long as we are changing our lives to be better. What makes it bad is when we do not know our limits and we do not know what we are searching for in life.

But I believe that we do not really leave because we are longing for more. We leave because we want to experience something new, and that is inevitable of us. We leave because we want to learn new things in life because that is how life should be — progressive, never regressive; forward, never backward.


Edna St. Vincent Millay

The rail road track is miles away,
And the day is loud with voices speaking;
Yet there isn’t a train goes by all day
But I hear its whistles shrieking.

All night there isn’t a train goes by,
Though the night is still for sleep and dreaming,
But I see its cinders red on the sky,
And hear its engine steaming.

My heart is warm with the friends I makes,
And better friends I’ll not be knowing;
Yet there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take,
No matter where it’s going.

2305 H

Lahat ng tao sa paligid ko, in love. Lahat sila, sweet at pa-sweet. Lahat sila, walang ibang bukambibig kung hindi ang taong gusto o mahal nila. Ako na lang ang hindi. Is it by choice? Hindi. Wala lang talagang nagkakagusto sa kagaya ko. Aaminin ko, late bloomer ako no’ng puberty stage — late tumubo ang bigote at balbas; late tumubo ang pubic hair down under; late tumangkad; late nag-mature ang muscles… at dinala ko na rin yata iyon hanggang sa buhay pag-ibig. Nagmamahalan na silang lahat — tao, presyo ng langis, pamasahe sa FX, singil sa kuryente… Ako, wala at hindi pa.

So help me, God!

Apr 2

Some Things You Should Know About Me Today

I did not go to school today because I don’t have any class. I was supposed to go and get my graduation assessment form but I woke up late already. I just stayed at home and did nothing.

Yes, nothing.

I did not do any school work today. The requirements are all piling up, though. I was about to do some, but I got lazy and my attention shifted to other nonsensical matters.

Anyway, today I decided to make my own business card, despite my lack of skills in doing designs and layouts. I thought of doing it because I think I really need to have my own business card now to increase my own network, since I am graduating from college and since I have had been participating in various events and activities where I meet many people. How is this one for a first-timer?

I placed there my photo, my address, my landline number, my personal number, my e-mail address, a little “description” of my achievements and participation, my Twitter and my Facebook.

I used pink font colour for my name because I like pink and I want my name to be engraved. The size of this one is 3.75 x 2.25. I included an allowance (.5 to 1 inch) for cutting. Ha! I know this one will cost so much because of too much colour.


In other news, I helped Nhi, one of the delegates from Vietnam that I met from the CU-ASEAN Youth Exchange Program in Bangkok, Thailand, with her paper. Her topic is all about the Islam Community and she asked me if I have materials to help her. Luckily, I am taking my elective course in Politics in Mindanao (PoliMin) this term and I have good materials to give her. I sent her some materials (21 attachments) and explained to her my take and what I have learnt so far from the discussions and activities we did regarding the course.

From the e-mail that I sent to her, this is what I wrote:

Hello, Nhi! I would just like to give you heads up, okay? The materials that I have are all about the peace process, the struggle for self-determination, key issues on the violation of human rights and the lack of support to the people and the fight for justice and equity of the Muslims (or Moro) in the Philippines, especially in Mindanao.

MILF or Moro Islamic Liberation Front is one of the few groups that fight for these things. The group is talking, arranging with the GRP or Government of the Republic of the Philippines some negotiations and peace talks to end the struggle. Currently, they are drafting, together with the help of Malaysian government, the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro to resolve these issues, hence third party interventions is also a thing to muster and to take into consideration here.

But, to me, and according to our discussions in our lectures and field trips, the real problem of the Muslim Mindanao is injustice. If I take you back to the history of the Philippines, injustice will be the root problem of everything, and even up until now, there is injustice from the delivery of social services to the people of Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), like lack of education, low employment rate, high poverty incidences. I can show you the Human Development Report for the Philippines to support this claim. Aside from the numbers and figures,

I believe, too, that the people from the Muslim Mindanao, though they follow the same religion, which is Islam, they have not embraced fully their differences. I compare this one with the ASEAN perspective. The difference between the Muslims in Mindanao and the ASEAN region is that the acceptance of diversity. “Unity in diversity,” and this is what the Muslims in Mindanao have yet to realise, since they come from the same religion, though belong to different ethnic tribes and have different ethnicity. In simple terms, there is this concept of ethnocentrism that which exists up until now. Is ethnicity and nationalism still a question here? I think so, too, but this is injustice, still - a cultural kind of injustice, might I say.

Another contributors to the problem are the continuous arms struggle of the state and the Moros, and dispute between the families/clans in the Mindanao. Many have had been killed due to this issue, and not only that but we also have to take into consideration the “Rido” or “Redo” concept. The concept of Redo is best described as feuding and revenge and with these concepts come the ideas of “honour, shame and reciprocity.” The Redo conflict has been rampant and has been present almost in all of the areas in Mindanao. There are about 127 new cases of Redo incidences per year and the top four (4) provinces with the highest number of Redo incidences are: Lanao Del Sur (377), Maguindanao (218), Lanao Del Norte (164), and Sulu (145). The Redo incidences, though, between the 1930s until 2005 has been in a total of 1,266 incidences, killing more than 5,500 people and forcing people to move from one place to another (Torres, 2007). More from Rido: Clan Feuding and Conflict Management in Mindanao (2007) by Wilfredo MagnoTorres III (editor).

I also included a copy of the Mindanao 2020 Framework/Plan, to give you a glimpse on what the Mindanao, especially in the case of the Muslims in Mindanao, wants to aim and to achieve. Also, there is a paper/article that I included here on understanding the the Concept of Islam in the perspective of Muslims in Mindanao. I got this one from the website of MILF, though. You can check out if you want to search for more materials.

Anyway, you can read more about this with the materials I am going to send you here. This will be many, so please do bear with me. Thanks and good luck with your paper! :-)

I explained to her some details about the materials that I sent to her so that she can have at least an initial understanding of what the issues of the Muslims in Mindanao are facing before and up until now. I hope everything helps her and her paper for her graduation.


Here are some words of wisdom for tonight:

"…I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction. Yet true happiness comes from a sense of peace and contentment, which in turn must be achieved through the cultivation of altruism, of love and compassion, and elimination of ignorance, selfishness, and greed…"

— His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Apr 2

April Fool’s Day Your Face!

Today, I decided to use the free notebook that I got from Chulalongkorn University during our ASEAN Youth Exchange Program 2013 in Bangkok a week ago. Instead of writing stuff on the notebook which I am supposed to write here in my blog, I opted to use the notebook in a new way. Hey, I really love the gold and pink colour of the notebook! If you happen don’t know, pink is the official colour of Chulalongkorn University — Chula, as popularly known to Thais — and as far as I could remember, pink was chosen because Chula was founded/established Tuesday and Tuesday’s colour is pink. Each day, they have different colours, though, and I forgot each one of them. My bad.

Anyway, I have had been keeping my Life Bucket List on my handy-dandy Little Prince Planner, which I got from my trip to Divisoria with my dear Kevin Rob. Since it consumes too much space already, I thought of transferring it to another medium. I thought of posting it here, but I want to keep my Life Bucket List a secret for now. I’ll post this one soon, though.

Today, too, is the last day for my course in Politics in Mindanao. Hurrah! I can smell summer vacation and graduation! I’m now down to my last 3 courses, which will end by next week or the week after next. I can’t wait for this term to end. Yes, I have to give that “F You!” word on the Field Study Report because of some glitches on our group work. I hope everything’s going to be fine.

This was when we were talking yesternight. He told me that he’s being teased at school and duty because of our photo together. Anyway, he told me, too, that he wants to dance Otso Otso with me, and I don’t even know why. He’s too cute and he’s too lovely for me. He’ll go to the Philippines, soon, and meet my family. I don’t even know how to react with that one. Ha!

I just saw this one now, though I’ve had been keeping this message from the Liaison Officers of our SG group (SGE) from the ASEAN Youth Exchange Program. Yay! They call me Kimmy.

Today was stagnant — no ups and downs; no good or bad. Everything just fell to its rightful places. I thought today would be one of a heck, since I’ve got so used to Mondays being totally a bitch to me. I don’t know what else to feel, though, aside from being happy and thankful with everything.

April Fool’s Day was not so foolish after all, at least to me. :-)

They Say Blogging is Fun. I Say The Same, Too!

So now, back to regular writing…

It has been quite a while since I have written a personal text blog entry here. I have been bombarding everyone with my photos and random updates. I once told myself — just a quick note, not really as a New Year resolution — that I will be writing more often this year; hence a step closer to that note is this.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate myself in advance because I will be graduating from college after this third term. Believe it or not, I still could not believe that I am about to be done with college, after four hard years in DLSU.

If you wonder, though, why I have not posted anything graduation-related, like photos or something, it is just that I did not register for the graduation photo pictorials and whatnot. I did not have any money to pay for it when I registered, so I told my mum that I would not get it. She said it was fine. Pictures are just pictures. What matters more is that I am graduating already.

Anyway, I am done with school by second or third week of April and I still do not know if I am to take those job offers to me or try to look for some other. I want to take up my Masters immediately after graduating from college but at the same time; I also want to have a good job so that I can help my parents and give them something in return.

Yes, I took an extra course (Politics of Education, 3 units) outside of my curriculum just to suit up the minimum of 12 units to qualify as Dean’s List.

Secondly, I am still experiencing "Bangkok/Thailand Hangover." I think this trip of mine has been the best so far. Not only that I have learnt many things about the ASEAN and the different member countries of it but I also get to meet a lot of people from the Youth Exchange Program, and it makes me want to go to Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Burma/Myanmar soon. I wonder why, though. Thanks to ASEAN, to the Government of Thailand and Chulalongkorn University for making this Youth Exchange Program possible for us. I swear, too, that I will come back to Thailand and meet up with my friends from there. I wouldn’t want to talk about the things that we were talking about during lectures, forums, panel discussions and group activities because I know not everyone is interested about it.

Lastly, this is what I have become.

I don’t know, but I really feel like something has changed in me, except of course with my hair style. The feeling hit I when I started to look at my photos and see that something has really is different in me. I feel more empowered and I feel a lot more confident. I think this has to do with my promise to myself to be more expressive and to relate more to people.

I think, I have maintained my body figure, too. I’m not getting that fat, but I’m not getting that thin either, regardless if I eat much or not. I hope this goes for good. I mean, who does not want to have a body that works that way, right?

Good evening! How is everyone doing? Oh, yes! Happy Easter, too! Catch the bunny and catch ‘em eggs, too!

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Hashtag: Faith Issues

It was last night when I was talking to Frenz and it hit me that I really feel so away, so astray regarding my faith. I have been having these kinds of issues in me since I left high school and entered college. I have been struggling to find a reconnection with Him. I wanted to, but I don’t know where to start. I feel so sorry for my faith.

When people ask me why I don’t do the 'sign of the cross,' I couldn’t answer them because I really do not have any idea on what’s happening to me. When people ask me why I don’t pray, I couldn’t utter any words to explain that kind of feeling that I get. I feel hurt when they judge me because of being a nominal Christian but I know they wouldn’t and could never understand.

I decided, today, to start something about this. I attended Sunday mass today, and to be honest, it did not turn out well for me — I wasn’t able to catch up with the gospel reading. I didn’t do the 'sign of the cross,' yet again. I didn’t listen to anything except to my thoughts inside my head. Really, it is not that easy to do it. It’s easier said than done, I tell you.

But with this, I won’t get discouraged. Yes, I will continue to read Buddha’s teachings. But now, I will find time to read the bible again. I do not want to sound so holy and so clean here, but who knows? Maybe, my faith is the missing link about this sudden emptiness in me or maybe I have been reading teachings and scholarly works but am not able to absorb it because I lack something to hold on and to believe in.

This calls for another long journey! Ahoy!

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Feb 6

Quick Update (in 120 words)!!!

   During the recent job fair in DLSU, I submitted my resume to different companies and thought of just doing it for fun. Now, I’m having a hard time choosing which company/organisation to join.

   As of now, I have turned down three (3) company offers to me due to personal reasons. My parents didn’t know I turned down 3 companies already and I have no plans of telling it to them. I’m still waiting for these two (2) companies/organisations I really want to join to contact me. I don’t know else what to do, right now, but to keep turning down some more offers.

   And, I’m planning to pursue an MA degree in Community Development! I. Must. Not. Waste. Any. Time.

500 Words of Distractions and Enlightenment




“Nirvana is not a place but a state of mind.”

     I got tired of doing things routinely every night and I decided to stay up a little longer than usual. I grabbed The Russians and continued reading it. I thought about what’s happening in my life right now, too. I opened the light, decided to stay at our roof deck.

     I really was there at the roof deck to cry. I cried for almost an hour — soundless, of course — and let everything be out of my heart and mind. It seems like I’ve been too distracted and too misguided with my priorities in life and with the way I am living it up. Everything was so wrong that in everything I do, I always feel like something’s not right and all. There are so many doubts filling up my head and I fear too much. I don’t know if it is just me or maybe I am getting too paranoid yet again.

     When I feel so unsure about myself, I try to distance myself from everything and think about what is to happen next. I believe that I’ve matured enough and that I do try not to be too impulsive and careless about the way I view things in life. Whenever I decide about something, I tend to think about it over and over again until I’ve reached my final decision. I guess that’s where maturity takes in place, isn’t it? I’m scared of being defeated by myself and I feel that’s the best way to do in order for me to avoid that.

     What I have learned from this experience is that you can never base your own happiness from something or somebody apart from you. Because when that thing or person gets away and leave you, your own world will just falter and get devastated. Another thing is that when it comes to living up our life, it is not okay to just be mindful of what is now. I believe that it is much better to think about and to consider what is to happen next and what had happened before. We need to keep on reassessing ourselves in order for us to never do the same mistakes again. We need to learn from those mistakes and never fuck it up again.

     We are creatures of wisdom and everyone’s gifted with their own judgments in life. We need to keep in mind that we need to use it wisely in order to be triumphant. What we have is more than just being ourselves but we have everything that it takes to survive in this world — We all have ourselves, and if we believe in ourselves, then there is nothing to worry about. I keep on losing in my mind that I have myself and that I am taking it for granted. Now is the time for me to believe more; that I can do extraordinary things, even greater than what I could imagine of.

Happy Thursday!







     I consider Thursday special, most especially if I am just at home, resting and doing nothing. Today, after taking a bath — and smelling strawberry-like after bath — I decided to go up to our roof deck and wait for the sunset to come.

     It was relieving all because I have not done this thing again for a long time. You know, what I do whenever I get to see the sunset is that I wish for something for myself. It’s like sunsets do remind me that I deserve something from myself; that in the end, there is none and no one who will look after me better than myself.

     Today, yet again, I wished for love. You know, there are certain spaces in my life which I thought would be filled by my achievements, family ties and all, friends and whatnot. I thought when you almost had everything, it would mean nothing. But really, it turned out that things would never be that way in my mind. When you yearn for love, you can only yearn so much, and I hope life gives it to me this time. I’m too tired chasing pavements leading nowhere.

     Every Thursday is going to be amazing, if we make it a good one, isn’t it?


     More than anything else, I’d really like to thank you. It was rather surprising how much everything turned out beautifully at the first time. It was that kind of feeling I never thought I would feel again. I like everything about you, most especially your eye bags, your smile and your laughter. How I wish I could hear you laugh and see you smile each and every time of the day and the night and the week and the week after next… and for good. Thank you.

     PS. Dad asked about you ‘cause he saw my phone and your photo on it as its wallpaper. He asked me who you are and then, I just smiled at him. I know that dad knew already what that big, happy smile meant. Ha ha!

9/25/20129:06 PM
   I was with Rew the whole day during my long break today. I accompanied him at the accounting office, and we spent time together at the Bat Cave (located at the Yuchengco Hall) with Zen Tea (his treat, yay!). Anyway, I came across this one when I was waiting for Rew to come back and I suddenly took a photo of it and I came across this thinking:

   What if they were lovers meant for each other and yet their paths never crossed? Is love really meant to be shared by two people, what if it is the kind of love celebrated by only one? What if they never got the chance to talk to each other, how would they know that they were meant for each other? What if there’s someone meant for you yet life does not want you to meet that person, what would you do? What if the person whom you were destined to be with for good has gone away from you, would you chase that person back or learn to live life alone?

   But then I immediately put away these thoughts because I know it’s all absurd. I had to give it all up because I know that I am thinking of pointless stuff all over again.
   In that moment, I felt loveless, unappreciated once again; as if I do not exist in this world, that I meant nothing to anyone.

9:06 PM

   I was with Rew the whole day during my long break today. I accompanied him at the accounting office, and we spent time together at the Bat Cave (located at the Yuchengco Hall) with Zen Tea (his treat, yay!). Anyway, I came across this one when I was waiting for Rew to come back and I suddenly took a photo of it and I came across this thinking:

   What if they were lovers meant for each other and yet their paths never crossed? Is love really meant to be shared by two people, what if it is the kind of love celebrated by only one? What if they never got the chance to talk to each other, how would they know that they were meant for each other? What if there’s someone meant for you yet life does not want you to meet that person, what would you do? What if the person whom you were destined to be with for good has gone away from you, would you chase that person back or learn to live life alone?

   But then I immediately put away these thoughts because I know it’s all absurd. I had to give it all up because I know that I am thinking of pointless stuff all over again.

   In that moment, I felt loveless, unappreciated once again; as if I do not exist in this world, that I meant nothing to anyone.

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   Metta is a distinctively Buddhist emotion and an attitude of mind and heart, which eludes adequate translation into a Western language. It is derived from the same root/mid as the word mitta (or mitra in Sikh) ‘friend.’ In its concrete denotation it signifies ‘growing fat’ and by extension has the connotation of ‘spreading,’ ‘expanding.’ Metta is the emotion of radiant, expansive friendliness towards everything that lives. The Buddha taught two methods for attaining human excellence — satipatthana — establishing oneself in mindfulness and, metta bhavana — cultivating boundless friendliness. Mettabhavana directly activates the heart to open up to others in selfless compassion.

Taken from Nalin Swaris’ The Buddha’s Way to Human Liberation: A Socio-historical Approach (1999) p. 417.

   This is something to remind myself that I do not just help others just because it is what my heart and my family wants to do. But this is to remind me that whenever I help, I gain friends, networks and acquaintances, and that will be few of the best things which I can actually keep and cherish for the rest of my life.

   Right now, I feel so out of focus; that my priorities in life have been changing from time to time, and I feel guilty for myself. I allowed too many distractions in my life right now and I can’t escape it. Tonight, I cried much when I entered my room. I have experienced one of the worst things in my life today, and I feel so sorry for myself because I know that I was the one who had the problem. I still am on my vacation but these distractions are still following, hunting, pulling me down. I just don’t know where to run, where to hide.

   Perhaps, I have to change the way I view things, do things now, no? I have been like this since the last months and I think I have had enough already. I need to do this not just for myself but for those people who are counting on me. Their expectations should never be treated as things which hinder me to grow. I need to put pressure on myself so that I could work more and do more in life. I need to counteract these negative vibes that keep coming, crashing my way.

   It’s all in the mind, I know.

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Sep 3

Updates! (or Just-So-You-Know-I’m-Not-Yet-Dead post)

   I suddenly had this sort of inspiration running around my body, filling my mind with nothing but extreme dedication and passion for school works. Thank goodness, it happened to me today and so I was able to dedicate 3/4 of time in studying some notes and the assigned book for our exam in International Development this coming Wednesday. I had been reviewing since last Friday and I think I now know enough for the exam. I am thinking of rereading all of the notes that I jotted down from it tomorrow or maybe later before I sleep. Do you also get this kind of satisfaction whenever you accomplish something that you’ve been doing for the past days? I had that one tonight, and my heart is filled with joy right now.

   I also thought of starting my own piggy bank today. It has been… uh, many years since I last had my piggy bank and I think it is okay to start one now since I do not know what really to buy or to spend for myself. I have placed 800 pesos in my piggy bank today. That money was from my savings last week from my allowance. Hopefully, by the end of school year this will grow much in my delight that I can travel abroad by myself or at least buy something new to me. I don’t know, but I feel positive in this.

   For tomorrow, I’ll be at Madison Mall in Pasig City for the fittings of the upcoming fashion show this month. Since I don’t have any class or any exam tomorrow, I’ll just go to the fittings tomorrow. I know it will be a great day tomorrow ‘cause I’ll be able to meet my co-interns again after two or three months of not being able to see everyone. Now my dilemma is to think and find the way to get at the venue before 1 PM. In other words, tomorrow will be an adventure for me. Hurrah!

   I think of going to our house in Cainta for my coming vacation/term break. I think of hibernating from too much Internet use and spend time with my family more. I also feel like going out more — alone or not — because I have been doing school works the last months and I really am killing my social life for I keep on staying in our house from Sunday to Monday. I will decide upon this matter tomorrow.

   Overall, today was a great one for me because I was finally able to finish reviewing. I still have one more thing to do though, and it is the revision of our research proposal for Technical Writing course (DEVMETH). But I think I’ll just do it tomorrow when I get home from the fittings. I hope that won’t take much time though so that I can get home early and then do some final push for school works. I hope you all had a great Monday, too!

   Tell me more about your day today, will you? Send it here or here or maybe throw in some tweets to @KeyMoanNo. Good evening! :-)

P.S. I really am sorry if I am not able to write much the last few days. I will make it up to you all when my free time kicks in, okay? Thanks for understanding and keeping up with me! Xx

   May magpapakilala sa iyo. Itatanong ang pangalan mo at kung saan ka nag-aaral. Sasagot ka naman tapos kukunin niya ang number mo. Pwedeng magkakilala kayo sa isang coffee shop, sa isang fast food chain, sa underpass sa Recto, sa LRT 2 na maluwang at puwedeng humiga sa gitna tuwing Sabado, sa SM, sa Booksale, sa food court, sa jeep terminal, sa terminal ng shuttle papuntang MRT, sa bus, sa seaside ng SM Mall of Asia, sa Robinson’s Place Ermita, sa Maria Orosa, sa National Bookstore, sa Payless Shoesource, sa Baguio, sa Cavite, sa Batangas, sa Bulacan, sa Maynila, sa Rizal, sa Laguna, sa US of A, sa Australia, Canada, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Pwede mo siyang makilala kahit saan.

   Mahuhulog ang loob mo. Magiging kayo, for couple of days, weeks, months, years, tapo magbe-break dahil: (1) Nalaman mong may iba siya; (2) Ayaw na niya sa iyo, laspag ka na raw; (3) Nagbago ang ugali niya; (4) Strict ang parents; (5) Mangingibang bayan, ayaw mo kasi sa LDR, e; (6) 'It's not you, it's me;' (7) Binalikan ang ex; (8) Hindi mo nabigyan ng pang-tuition; (9) Magnanakaw pala, at; (10) Sadyang hindi lang kayo para sa isa’t isa.

   Mapapa-isip ka — Tanga ba ako o tanga siya o sadyang ginagawa lang talagang tanga ng pag-ibig ang bawat tao? Malulungkot ka pero hindi mo ito ipapakita sa iba. Tatawagan ang best friends, magna-night out, kakausapin ang parents at hihingi ng advice, focus sa career o sa studies, mag-iipon para sa future, maghahanap ng trabaho, magbabasa ng mga libro, bibili ng pet, kakain ng kakain, magdarasal kunwari renewed ang kaniyang pananampalataya. Pero hindi mo lang talaga maamin sa sarili mo na malungkot na, na walang perfect partner sa mundo.

   Lahat nagkakamali. Lahat ng bagay ay nagtatapos. Kung baga sa wording, 'The only thing permanent in this world is impermanence.' Mare-realise mo rin na walang perfect partner at perfect relationship. Ano ang ending? Matatanggap mo ang lahat dahil dalawa lang naman ang choice mo — Magpakamatay o lunukin ang lahat ng sakit at hapdi at tsaka magpatuloy sa buhay. Tapos mamumuhay ka ng payapa pero nagre-reminisce pa rin sa kung anong nangyari sa kahapon. Para kang tanga, lilipad-lipad ang isipan habang naglalakad sa daanan papunta sa bahay niyo at wala kang ibang naaalala kung hindi ang pangalan ng ex mo.

Ano ang pamagat ng nabasa mong sanaysay? I-text ang <Pamagat> space <Pangalan> at i-padala sa 09175218437. Sali na sa 'Text A Title, Win A Friend!' promo handog ng blog na ito. DTI-NCR #06259311 series of 2012.


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Feeling lost on what to blog about? Read this.

     Have you ever felt being so lost on what to write about your blog? Have you ever had this experience wherein you wanted to write something, you wanted to share things that you have in mind and yet you would not want to share it because you thought it would be absurd and no one would appreciate it? Well, to be honest with you all, I always experience those things. I easily ran out of ideas on what to write in this blog of mine. I wanted to keep this blog in the positive side of plane but there are times when I really do not know what to write and I end up writing a total crap. Tonight, allow me to share you something that I found interesting from

     Last night, I featured TheNiceLife's blog entry about The Little Things Are The Big Things (see here). If there is only one thing that I would not forget from that blog post, then that would be this quote: 'I need to stop being so hard on myself.' From the blog entry that I made, I said, that I write because I want to write, not because I am forced to write. You know, I equate blogging with writing because writing and blogging both consider one thing to take place — It requires knowledge to materialise it. But what happens when we do not have the drive to write, where do we then get the drive to write? This is where the post from gets in help.

     Since today I did not do much except for the school works that I had to finish, I once did again blog hopping to find some inspirational blogs to help me (and you, if ever you are interested) in keeping myself on track on what to write. Last night, I started this one talking about blogging and/or writing, and I guess it would be best if I continue to carry on the momentum. I came across an article entitled ‘How to find a topic for your blog,’ from and I thought it would be the typical blog post (well, it was on the first part) but things turned around when I reached the sub-article entitled ‘Be passionate about the topic' and the article goes:

First website I started was about my favorite music band Metallica in 1990′s. I loved the band, listened to them daily, spent a lot of time and money buying their music, reading about them, going to their concerts and interacting with other fans. So I started a website about the band.

To find your topic look inside and see where the raw energy comes from. Who are you? What gets you up in the morning? What do you know a lot about? What you know is what counts.

You need to create regular content about this topic so you don’t want to run out of things to say or lose your interest. In what topic do you have the experience, knowledge and passion needed to spend day after day on? Come up with a list.

Blogging about your passion and the knowledge you possess, makes you enjoy what you do, and turns blogging work into play.

     I highlighted the few things from the article which I found relevant to me. Although I had to disagree with the blog’s sub-article entitled ‘Choose a popular topic,’ since I know that blogging about a popular topic is really not a necessity to make a good blog post especially if you are not so knowledgeable about it, the sub-article that I quoted was the bomb; at least in my opinion. Why did I say it so? It is because of the fact that many of us tend to forget that.

     I always believe that we blog because we want to share the things that we know and the things that we are good at. We blog because we want to make the others realise what we are capable of and what we are able to do. We blog because we want others to learn from what we know, not just because we want to shove it down to their throat. We want them to see what we have seen.

     When you do not know about anything or if you are in doubt of what you know and what you have in your mind, then try to consult the web and get yourself educated. Hypocrisy (and blasphemy), at this day and age of constant information transferring and sharing, should not be tolerated. The internet is there for us to use and the best way to use it is to validate what we know and what we have in our minds. 

     What drive us in writing our blogs should be our passion and our knowledge, and it is our responsibility to keep things clear and make it educational, inspirational and understandable for everyone. Again, as I always emphasise it, we are blogging because we want others to see what we had seen. It is not up to us to make them realise the value of what we are sharing because we are rational beings and we are capable of judgments and thinking. Our only responsibility is to never mislead our readers, that our blogs should not contain what just what we feel because what we know can be wrong.

     When you lose the drive to write, then try to think about it to yourself. Share what you know and what you are good at. Do not pretend as if you know everything and that you are capable of doing (or in this case, writing,) everything. Always validate what you know, before sharing it to others, and then you are good to go.


If you happen know any inspirational or personal blogs (or your blog) that you may want to share and to be featured, you can tell me via myTumblr Ask box, via my Formspring page or you can tweet me @KeyMoanNo. I swear, I will review the blogs/blog entries you share or maybe we can do a collaboration post about it if you want to. Thanks! :-)

August 25, 2012

I kept things simple today. You know, like no glamorous things to surround me and no attachments to the rest of the world. I just had myself today, and I really liked it that way.

Today, all of the enlightenment and the distractions came all at the same time that made me a little bit confused and paranoid. I did the usual — read some Buddha’s teaching and few lines from the Holy Bible, I talked to myself and tried to keep things low.

I stopped myself from using my two phones today since I got not one to talk to and that I really wanted to detach myself from interacting with people. I thought of distracting myself from this because I have been too dependent again from other people’s existence and I do not want myself to be in that same situation again wherein I get too dependent and too engulfed by people’s presence and that when they leave and stop talking to me, I get too emotional. I do not want to see myself in that very same situation again. I got tired of it already.

What made today really exceptional was that I learnt that nobody likes me, and that is exceptional because I get to realise and to accept (at least little by little) that maybe I need to slow down and to settle from this solitariness. I think this is a good chance and an eye opener for me because this is about me and that today was that day. I was in that moment of extreme happiness because life is starting to grow up on me.

Today was my day, I know. :-)

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